Strengthen charitable causes and your overall financial picture with Monument Legacy.

Monument Legacy is a Donor Advised Fund that offers a unique opportunity for individuals to align their investment portfolios with their philanthropic goals. The fund allows donors to combine their charitable giving with their investment strategy, creating a single portfolio that offers greater potential for growth and increased charitable contributions in the future.

This innovative approach to charitable giving enables individuals to make a meaningful difference in their communities while also maximizing the potential for long-term financial growth. By aligning philanthropic goals with investment strategy, donors can create a legacy of impact that will endure for generations to come.

Donor advised fund

Monument Legacy broadens your available options for investment by wrapping your charitable giving into your investment strategy so your philanthropy and investments work together to maximize your financial resources and reflect your values.

Mission & Vision

When you contribute assets to Monument Legacy, the tax benefits strengthen your overall financial picture, while simultaneously supporting organizations that align with our shared mission to restore a courageous economy where free enterprise is the foundation of community.