Monument Ventures is charting a course toward transformative investing.

Tomorrow’s investors want to store up treasure where it can make a difference for freedom, innovation, principles, and community. Monument Ventures shows the path toward making an impact while making a profit.

Monument Ventures provides investors and financial professionals with breakthrough strategies to strengthen their performance and focus on what matters. Our unique approach is the future of finance: higher value from different priorities and shared principles. Our custom-engineered tools can strengthen portfolios and free discerning clients to invest boldly in that future.

Our Model

Finance history revolves around moments of innovation.

Monument Ventures is the next step—a new and unique investment platform that enhances performance from the moment you begin.

The strength of our financial tools empowers our client network–the Monument Ventures alliance—to build the future of finance and enrich the future of our society.

  • 1924

    First modern mutual fund was inaugurated

  • 1949

    First hedge fund began buying stocks and deploying short sales

  • 1971

    First passive index fund debuted

  • 1990

    Passive index funds became available to individual investors through ETFs

  • 2021

    Monument Ventures


Monument Ventures is pushing the next big jump to help bold investors redirect their energies.

Leading for Change

Today’s smartest investors have noted that corporate finance is feeding political ideology and virtue signaling, not principles or community. Monument Ventures wants to connect those investors with change-makers, builders, and entrepreneurs who share the same fundamental values.

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Building the Future

Our vision to restore an economy that improves lives and inspires action requires a dedicated core of investors, advisers, and business leaders. Together, our alliance seeks to transform the financial services industry into an engine of change.

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Guiding Your Success

Monument Ventures has built a reliable system that can be used to enhance returns from almost any portfolio. Our proprietary investment platform includes next-generation financial tools that help investors and their advisers thrive in a demanding industry.

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