An alliance for profits in the service of principles.

Since its founding in 2021, Monument Ventures has attracted more and more like-minded finance and tax professionals, nonprofit and business leaders, and high net worth individuals to join the alliance. Now, it is making the transition from a small consultancy to its next phase of life as a diversified holding company that both identifies and creates new, aligned investment opportunities.

Our Story

Matthew Mohlman spent over a decade as an executive for top investment firms before launching Monument Ventures.

Early in his career, he conceived of finance as a path to individual freedom and quality of life for all. But after serving as a legal and compliance professional for the top investment advisers in the country, he perceived that the industry was rife with conformism and complacency.

Monument Ventures was founded in Matthew’s passion to build an alliance of businesses and investors who want to increase profits and then use those profits in service of the principles that build a free and prosperous society.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to serve investors and financial professionals who want more than the status quo—who want their profits to protect conscience and restore culture.

Monument Ventures is pioneering an investment approach that seeks superior performance for an alliance of investors, advisers, accountants, charities, and entrepreneurs with shared values. Our innovation and expertise serve financial professionals who want more than the status quo—who want their profits to protect conscience and restore culture.

The future of finance is a renaissance of purposeful investment. Instead of passively applying the same philosophies and techniques to every portfolio, Monument Ventures is constantly innovating and developing new strategies that respond to investors’ unique financial picture and goals.

Using our array of tools, the Monument Ventures alliance will lead this renaissance to create a new American economy—not driven by politicized corporations or conformist asset managers, but by the purposeful pursuit of virtue. Investment with a conscience has the potential to make American business the champion and custodian of integrity and decency.


We affirm the principles of freedom, equal opportunity, merit, and compassion.

We believe...

  • investments should always yield the best possible returns for both the investor and their community.
  • there should be fewer artificial barriers in the way of successful investments.
  • investment strategies should never be tied to commercial or socio-political trends that hamper growth.
  • investment should be personal and purposeful, with money serving as a force multiplier for your mission.
  • in the shared vision of all Americans who desire to restore the American dream: to pursue happiness and earn success.

We reject...

  • the ideology and narrow-mindedness that has been so detrimental to the finance industry and to society.
  • the complacency and inertia that has turned so many investment advisers into quotidian managers of passive index investments.