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Rethinking Investment Strategy: Beyond the Failing 60-40 Model

Tuesday November 14, 2023

In an era where financial landscapes are constantly shifting, the traditional investment model of 60% stocks and 40% bonds, long hailed as the bedrock of financial stability, is showing cracks. As outlined in a recent Wall Street Journal article, this once-reliable approach is now faltering, leaving millions of Americans facing unexpected portfolio shortfalls. The need […]

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BlackRock Believes It Should Control the World Bank:

Tuesday October 31, 2023

In the current financial climate, the unabated march toward centralization should be a cause for concern. A chief proponent of financial centralization and CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, who currently sits at the nexus of private financial power with a portfolio of nearly $9T, is calling for the charters, or purpose, of the International Monetary […]

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CBDCs and the Threat of Religious Debanking

Tuesday October 17, 2023

Recent headlines have raised concerns over financial autonomy and freedom, and are waking up many to the de-banking of religious organizations, particularly Catholics. The ongoing incidents of de-banking religious institutions and the looming threat of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) sound a warning bell for anyone concerned about individual, organizational, and religious freedom. JP Morgan […]

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Musk: “ESG is Rebranded Communism”

Tuesday October 3, 2023

Recently, in a characteristically unfiltered moment, Elon Musk laid bare the ugly truth that many had been skirting around: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is no less than a “rebranded” form of communism, an encroachment upon the principles that have shaped the very fabric of American society. As Musk pointed out, not only is […]

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Start Small: Entrepreneurs, Farmers, and the Future of our Communities

Tuesday September 19, 2023

There is lots of talk on social media about the messed-up state of our national politics (aka the culture war) and plenty of influencers say they have the BIG solution. But maybe the solution is to start smaller—with something like opening a business that serves your community and brings people together. Entrepreneurship and innovation are […]

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The Unholy Alliance of Asset Managers and Government Ideology

Tuesday September 5, 2023

In this country’s decades-long pursuit of social progress and justice, an alarming transformation has occurred within the realm of financial management. Global money managers, the custodians of trillions of dollars, have found an opportunity with the woke ideology that has captured the upper echelons of our federal government, resulting in what we all know now […]